About Us

MetaHomes serves for a platform with global travel experience and real estate transaction by advanced and creative technologies.

MetaHomes is a global tourism, accommodation experience and real estate trading platform of Metaworld Group, established in 2022 and headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate investment model through cutting-edge innovative technologies while providing the best quality accommodation experience for global travelers.We also offer innovative real estate trading services to global users, so as to help users realize the maximum income of real estate investment.

MetaHomes's products and services include online finding and booking a variety of accommodation options, including home stays, hotels, vacation homes, apartments, and more. At the same time, MetaHomes also provides global property sales services to help users find and trade properties around the world. MetaHomes will be used in the application of virtual reality technology, artificial intelligence and Internet of things technology to provide users with virtual space simulation experience, simulation user real housing presence, when real estate transactions to the user a full range of wisdom services, let you can easily find like residence, or looking for new homes for inspiration for the future.

MetaHomes has a professional management team, which includes a high-end home stay operation team, a professional real estate property team and a professional technical support team. These team members have rich industry experience and expertise, committed to providing users with the best quality service.

MetaHomes’s core values include integrity, innovation, excellence, and teamwork. Committed to a "customer-centered" concept, the company aims to provide users with the best accommodation experience and real estate investment return. Since its inception, MetaHomes has achieved many significant milestones, including rapid expansion in the Middle East and globally.. In addition, MetaHomes has been highly recognized in the UAE property market and is a leader in the local real estate buying and selling sector. In the UAE homestay market, the company owns a large number of its own property and plays a leading role in technology in the booming real estate industry by integrating a large number of real estate resources and providing users with rich accommodation options. MetaHomes also by providing complete real estate gain services, completely change the way of user real estate investment and real estate transaction.

MetaHomes With strong technical capabilities combined with excellent partners in this field, establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with real estate investment institutions and agents around the world, and working with excellent partners around the world, MetaHomes can provide users with more professional and efficient services. In the future, MetaHomes will continue to deepen its business expansion expansion of its global business and provide services in more countries and regions, while continuing to extend and optimize innovative products and services to meet the needs of users. MetaHomes will continue to be committed to building a complete investment service ecological chain of real estate resources in order to the real estate assets to play the maximum economic benefits.