Meet Your Dream Home

MetaHomes serves for a platform with global travel experience and real estate transaction by advanced and creative technologies.

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Miscellaneous at Real Estate Market

At MetaHomes, you can not only plan the homestay for your next journey,but also find your ideal property for your future.

Fantastic Visual Experience

Multiple ways to view your ideal houses -Video tours and VR tours with advanced technology bring you a new way of viewing properties.

Kylin:Your Intelligent Assistant

No matter you are searching or checking in the house or having problems during your stay,our cute and lovely housekeeper Kylin will always be on your side to help.

Make Your Home Profitable

Get your home-value estimate and let our agents help you to make it profitable.

Share Your Travel Moments

See how people traveling around the world and make unforgettable memories,you can get inspiration from them and also share yours to inspire others!